In a time when the world of work is changing rapidly

A company can hire people for specific purposes. They may need a sales person or a customer support person. It may also be an IT department that needs someone to develop software applications. All these things need content writers.

Content writing is not the same as copywriting or research writing, but they are related in the sense that they both require similar skill sets and use similar approaches to information storage, retrieval and presentation of information. In fact, it is possible to think of them as being part of a single profession since they address similar needs and aspects as other professions while operating under different business models (e.g., time/costly versus cost/time efficient) and different organizational structures (e.g., self-employed vs outsourced). This is why it is important for all businesses to know how to.

This section is devoted to human resources. It covers the purpose of hiring, the application process, interview processes and tips on how to find a suitable job. Here is where you will find ways of getting into your dream job.